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By utilizing the network of Our Group and alliances, we support the overseas expansion of your company not only in Indonesia.

Management Consulting service

  • Establishing local subsidiary and representative office.
    1. Local subsidiary : We support to get application for approval investment in foreign country, memorandum of association for doing sales activity in Indonesia and permanent operaring permit.
      Representative office : We support to establish office for not doing sales activity.
  • Helping to get work visa and renew visa.
    1. We support to get valious document for foreing workers. (Employee's admission letter, Human resourse aggrement recommendation letter, Letter for work permit, Residential letter) (we can get re-entrypermit)
  • Getting government papers service.
    1. We support to get complicated government papers and document. We treat Import licence, Customs Registration Number, Environmental licence.
  • Various investigation
    1. We provide reguration of investment before establishing local subsidaiary and representative office, sales activity permit, current situation of recruiting, average of salaruy in Indonesia and so on.

Service vision

Customized Information

We serve the proper information when you need it.

Contribute your success way,

We help the company which have diversity demand.

Opperational efficiency

We cut the cost of investigation and operation.

Portfolio of Service

Investigation of labor market and by occupation average

Establishing local subsidiary and representative office.

Helping to get work visa and renew visa.

Getting government papers service Import licence, Customs Registration Number

Expanding the investment.
Helping to change the registration of business.